Our Principal Sam Altman

About Us

Every business deserves access to a finance professional

My name is Sam Altman and I am the Principal and Founder of Full Cycle CFO. It is my honor to have you on this page because my goal is to ease your worries in finding an outsourced accounting team. 

The reason I founded Full Cycle CFO. 

In short, I started Full Cycle because I saw that “professional” and “customized” CFO services were talking about high quality but then providing very little.  

The full story: I am privileged to have grown up with a family of entrepreneurs which gave me a true understanding and appreciation of small business and business ownership. This includes my sister, Miriam. Miriam went to a local accounting firm for assistance in growing her business, understanding/balancing her books, and having ease of mind knowing she was doing the right thing. After a few months of this service, she started having doubts. One time she came to me and said, “how could they close my books when I haven’t even submitted all my payments?” This was a huge red flag. The more I asked her, the more I knew she was getting poor service. She wanted the best, and the “best in town” fell short. 

When business owners are counting on these services, I knew I had to fill a need with true quality – even if it was just to help my sister. From there, the business has grown to help vulnerable businesses. The books are the foundation of a company. Not only do I want my clients to have accurate accounting, but I’m also a resource to teach clients how to interpret and analyze their books to truly understand their business.

Experience. Experience is important – our team knows that. Combined, we have a total of over 50 years of experience working in accounting and finance. 

Sam Altman.

My career started working with State Street as a Fund Accountant. This job taught me a lot about corporate finance, specifically calculating net asset values and processing complex transactions. From State Street, I moved to work for Arenus as the Vice President of Accounting and Finance. Here I was responsible for the entire department from the daily operation, to formulations and implementations of finances, and to strategic planning for the company’s future financial success. From Arenus, I moved to Adcon as the Controller. Here, I furthered this experience by applying policies and procedures, monitored assets, and communicated financial standings to the rest of the management team. 

These passionate and knowledgeable teams all lead me here – to Full Cycle! What I enjoy most about my career is the entrepreneurial spirit seen within business owners. I hear excitement in my client’s voices every time I talk to them – even if they are having a stressful day. I like being able to give client’s the answers they are searching for to take their business to the next step. This is what I live for.

Maria. Maria has a long standing career in accounting services, with over 30 years. She is detail-oriented, organized, and has a skill set in seeing the bigger picture. 

Nadine. Nadine is currently a student who will be graduating in May 2020. From here, she plans to achieve her Masters of Accounting which she will begin in the Fall of 2020. Nadine is the one in the office that we can count on to be fast and still accurate. She can close a month faster than anyone else in the team.

Education of our Principal

Colorado State University, May 2018

- Master of Business Administration

- Certificate in Marketing Management

Baker University, May 2011

- Bachelor of Science, Accounting and Business Finance

Midwest Decision Sciences Institute, 2011

- Case Study Winner